Shaun White for Target


A couple weeks after watching him tear up the half pipe at the U.S. Open, I got the chance to meet with Shaun White for the first unveiling of his new line for Target due out this Fall.

Shaun and his brother, Jesse, both super nice California natives, collaborate on all design projects including the White Collection for Burton. The same goes for the 25+ styles designed for Target, which consist of printed tees, button-downs, hoodies and some slim cut jeans. All the original prints were designed by Jesse with some input from Shaun. "I'll see something I like while I'm on the road somewhere, take a snap shot and send it to Jesse. A lot of my inspiration for the designs comes from my travels, but I also just wanted to make some clothes my friends and family would wear," he said. Jesse adds, "Target has been incredibly helpful and trusting, giving us the freedom to do pretty much whatever we wanted, while also taking the time to perfect every aspect of the designs."


Consisting of a full range of threads for both boys and young men, it's affordable skate style that won't cost you an arm and leg when you rip up your jeans trying to master that 360 kick flip. Keep a look out for the collection to drop sometime around late July or early August at Target. Images from the showroom after the jump.