Fetching Dog Shampoo

Lather up pooches with Skinnyskinny's organically moisturizing bar soap

skinnyskinny10.jpg skinnyskinny11.jpg

The “people-tested” Fetching Dog Shampoo from Brooklyn-based body care brand Skinny Skinny works on any pup, but was created specifically for dogs with sensitive skin. Comprised of all organic ingredients like rosemary, citronella and ylang ylang, the potent suds keep insects at a distance while loading up on moisture to alleviate irritation.

The handmade bar soap, designed to be a mutually beneficial experience for both owner and dog, creates a nice low-foam lather. Skinny Skinny’s shampoo is 100% carbon neutral, purchasing wind-powered electricity to fuel their small-batch operation and carbon credits for everything else. They also use recycled paper and soy-based inks for their no-frills packaging.

Skinny Skinny Organic Fetching Dog Shampoo sells online for $8 per bar, or from their shop in Brooklyn, along with a nice assortment of products for people.