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The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company

New York’s favorite street meat gets an all-natural upgrade


Despite the hot dog’s almost iconic status in New York, friends Tony Fragogiannis and Billy Mulholland had a hard time finding a frank that lived up to the classic’s name. Frustrated with a market filled with lackluster and over-processed options, the pair decided to try making their own. They relied on their combined experience in the restaurant industry—Fragogiannis as a restaurant consultant in Atlanta and Mulholland as the French Culinary Institute-trained owner of his eponymous sports bar in Brooklyn—to begin experimenting with different combinations and techniques. The result of their toils was The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company‘s first flavor, a classic beef and pork dog.

brooklyn_hot_dog_co_2.jpg brooklyn_hot_dog_co_3.jpg

Made in the traditional German style, all of The Brooklyn Hot Dogs Co’s products are completely nitrate- and preservative-free and sealed in sheep casings for just the right amount of snap. Fragogiannis and Mulholland relied on all natural ingredients to bring out the best in their links and make a more flavorful frank. After perfecting the original beef and pork flavor the partners added new varieties reminiscent of other New York staples like gyro and pepperoni, as well as a buffalo chicken and an all pork dog. Our team picked different favorites during a taste test in the CH kitchen, with some going for the additional peppery kick in the pepperoni, the buffalo chicken’s familiar flavor in a new form and the herbal notes in the gyro frank.

The fledgling brand is currently only available at local NYC retailers like Dean & Deluca and Foragers, but keep an eye on their site (coming soon) for gradual expansion plans in the US.

Images courtesy of The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company


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