Sneaker Freaker Issue #10 Global Launch Parties


CH ally and Sneaker Freaker founding editor Woody is going large this with launch parties for Issue #10 taking place in eleven of the world's top cities. Starting off in his home town of Melbourne last week, Woody is now up in the skies on his way to party in Berlin (24 July), hitting Johannesburg, London and Naples on 26 July, Singapore and Copenhagen on 27 July, Boston and Reykjavik on 28 July, Mexico City on 31 July and, completing the near-around-the-world tour in Auckland on 2 August. Given the eclectic and electric vibes of past Sneaker Freaker global events, it's likely the launch of Issue #10 will be one of the best events you're ever likely to attend. Throw on your dancing shoes and welcome in the latest issue in your nearest town. (Just make sure you scrub up those sneakers—no ratty canvas allowed.)