Soft-Maps Quilts


The modern grid system helped revolutionize urban life, but we generally make less of its effect on quilting. Noting parallels between the intersecting streets of Brooklyn and and the stitching across a quilt, Emily Fischer of Haptic Lab decided to fuse the two. The resulting Soft-Maps are functional quilts that she stitches with the detailed outline of a Brooklyn neighborhood, complete with hand-embroidered street names, a compass rose and scale marker.


Made of organic cotton between layers of dupioni silk, Fischer makes Soft-Maps to endure all the rigors of daily life. Used on a couch, bed or spread under a picnic, they serve the utilitarian role of a quality blanket, while fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for your particular neighborhood.

If you happen to live outside of Brooklyn, Haptic will happily make a quilt depicting your own individual neighborhood, town or country on a scale of your choosing. And upon request, the Lab can also indicate particular homes, apartments, shops or other locations of personal significance.


Find out more about Soft-Maps on the Haptic Lab site or email Emily directly (emilyfis [at] gmail [dot] com) for inquiries.