SSCY’s Clever Tack Triangle Backpack-Bag Hybrid

An accessory that accommodates all kinds of items

Contrary to typical totes or backpacks, which rarely stretch or shift to accommodate oddly shaped or oversized items, SSCY‘s updated Tack Triangle bag can store all of the usual items inside and the hard-to-fit ones snugly on its exterior thanks to an ingenious triangle-shaped flap. It’s a hybrid in the truest sense: the bag can be carried as a backpack using its two adjustable straps or it can be towed as a tote via its smaller top handles. Plus, the triangle-shaped slice of material that acts as decoration when not in use doubles as a loop to slide oversized items (posters, magazines, a yoga mat or a jacket) through.

Crafted from a proprietary Japanese nylon, the Tack bag—which measures out to 15.5 inches wide on the bottom, 7.5 inches deep, 16 inches tall, and 25 inches wide at the top—is semi-water-resistant. This exterior material and unique coating upholds the bag’s amorphous shape.

As for its design, the Tack may prove most practical for city dwellers. Bouncing from shop to office to crammed subway car is made easier, courtesy of the quick-change handle design and a foldable hook and ring strap that sits idle, and outstretched, when not in use. Best of all, this bag can be folded down to almost nothing as the interior bears no bars or rigid piping.

Images courtesy of SSCY