Shabd x Baggu

Eco-friendly totes and backpacks in out-of-this-world tie-dyes


Brooklyn-based designer Shabd Simon-Alexander‘s artistically galactic tie-dyes have helped make it fashion’s print-of-the-moment. In a fitting collaboration, Shabd teamed up with CH favorite Baggu, using them as the perfect blank canvas (literally) for an affordable line of totes and backpacks awash in celestial streaks and textures.

BagguShabd_2.jpg BagguShabd_3.jpg

Baggu’s functional Duck Bag and Backpack are each dyed by hand in one of five muted hues to get Shabd’s far-out watercolor effects. Also keeping in step with Baggu’s mission to make wasteful bags obsolete, they make the totes and backpacks out of recycled cotton.

BagguShabd_4.jpg BagguShabd_5.jpg

Some of the colors have already sold out in the limited-edition collection, so hurry to get your Shabd Duck Bag ($48) or Backpack ($58) exclusively from Baggu online.