Nau Collective

The Portland brand teams with five like-minded companies on a new online shopping experience

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While many companies strive to bridge the gap between design and function in the space of outdoor apparel, few succeed like Nau. The environmentally conscious, Portland, OR-based brand creates design-driven products with a sleek aesthetic. Since its inception Nau has been interested in collaboration, and has decided to take this partnering concept a step further with the recently launched Nau Collective, a program that pairs them with a handful of like-minded brands in an effort to spread a new way of thinking about the curated online experience.


So far Nau has invited five brands to showcase a carefully chosen selection of goods for men and women through the Nau website. These select brands share a unified vision and a similar brand identity represented by premium design delivered through sustainably made—and often locally produced—goods. By partnering with Nudie Jeans, Timberland Boot Co, Pendleton, Snow Peak and Klean Kanteen, Nau surrounds themselves with proven brands while offering their loyal supporters a more comprehensive online shopping experience.

NC-Timberland-2.jpg NC-Timberland-1.jpg

Swedish-born denim brand Nudie debuts their first collection of men’s and women’s denim made of 100% organic cotton. Timberland introduces the Eastern Standard Collection, a rugged collection of boots made from locally sourced materials and hand-assembled in Maine by artisanal leatherworkers.


Both Klean Kanteen and Snow Peak collaborated with Nau to present a handful of goods for home and the road. And Oregon’s own Pendleton offers a series of handmade Eco Wise wool blankets and throws.

NC-Klean-Kanteen.jpg NC-Pendleton.jpg

Not only does the Nau Collective serve to offer a more holistic online shop, it widens the scope of Nau’s offerings and creates a one-stop shop for the loyal Nau consumer. Plus, as a company founded on natural brand evolution and organic growth, the Nau Collective will continue to expand in the near future. For now, shop Nudie Jeans, Timberland Boot Co, Pendleton, Snow Peak, Klean Kanteen and Nau online through the Nau Collective.