The Perfect T-Shirt

I have not experienced one of these T-Shirts yet, but Daily Candy sure likes them:
The perfect T-shirt: It’s the Holy Grail of fashion. For boys and girls alike.
Perfectly cut sleeves. Perfect fit across the shoulders. Not too long, not too short. One hundred percent cotton. Soft to the touch, easy on the eyes, so sexy it’s scary. And did we mention, made in the USA?
Get your patriotism on, folks. ‘Cause whether you want crewneck or V, baby or boy-cut, for a guy or a girl (or, for that matter, a dog), American Apparel’s got it. In fact, they’re obsessed with making the perfect T-shirt, in every color, every shape, every size. (And perfect panties, and perfect bras, and perfect tanks.)
Even better, their merch comes with a guilt-free guarantee: American Apparel doesn’t use sweatshops, and it offers free English classes to its employees.
Seems the perfect T-shirt can bring you one step closer to being the perfect person.
Who knew you could strive for both at once?