The Standard Scarves

Summery limited-edition wraps by artists repping Standard Hotel cities

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standard-scarves1.jpg standard-scarves2.jpg standard-scarves3.jpg

Following up last year’s run of limited edition artist-designed tees, the latest crop of collaborative efforts from the Standard adds abstract images to a series of limited edition silk-cashmere scarves.

Designed to represent the three major cities that are home to Standard hotels, the lightweight scarves boast beautiful graphics from artists Thomas Campbell (L.A.), José Parlá (Miami) and RoStarr (NYC).

standard-scarves5.jpg standard-scarves4.jpg

The three scarves each emulate the artist’s signature style and feature hand-rolled and -hemmed edges. The editions of 100 each now sell online, as well as from the boutiques located within The Standard Spa Miami Beach, Downtown L.A. and New York City, for $225 a piece.

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