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The NYC startup promises better fitting men’s T-shirts with a new custom system, consisting of 24 sizes


Founded by Georgetown alumni Vincent Ko (head of social business at Panda Sunglasses) and Jake Huston (former mobile strategy consultant), Threadmason—a brand which launched their Kickstarter campaign today—offers a highly innovative take on how men will buy their clothes. Tired of buying T-shirts based on the generic S, M and L measurements that only fit a very specific body type, Ko and Huston decided to develop a line of basic T-shirts that includes over 24 sizes relying on the three main parameters—height, weight and waist size.

Similar to Osloh Jeans, the idea stemmed from a gift—Ko’s girlfriend gave him a T-shirt a few years ago, and as good as it looked, it didn’t fit right. So, Ko got some scissors, needles and thread, and started tailoring his T-shirt—DIY business school-style, not fashion school. The result was surprisingly successful; even today, people still give him compliments about his nicely fitting T-shirt. “Our goal is to enable guys to look better and own less by delivering clothes that are high-quality and better fitting. We want to make clothes a longer lasting and more personal set of possessions,” explains Huston.


Based in New York, the company will create all the pieces in Brooklyn with 100% premium organic cotton, guaranteeing both eco-friendly and high-quality products. Concerned about the online consumer experience, Ko and Huston also brought in tech-masters to provide potential buyers with a visual 3D model tool, which enables virtual sizing adjustments.

While focusing solely on T-shirts at the moment, the start-up plans to extend its concept and offering to the rest of the wardrobe. Threadmason’s Kickstarter campaign launches today, 15 October. Contribute $34 to the project to score your own custom T-shirt.

Images courtesy of Threadmason


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