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To Darrin Hudson, From Jeff Staple

Jeffstaple Complex

Jeff Staple is the creative force behind Staple Design and The Reed Space, both of which marry urban culture and fantastic design. One of his strongest focal points is footwear, Sneakers specifically. On his new blog, To Darrin Hudson, Jeff is cataloging (and selling) his shoe collection one-by-one– not just for the sake of doing it, but also as the ultimate one-up to his high school rival sneaker collector, Darrin Hudson. Interspersed with posts of pairs, Jeff ponders other stuff as well:

Sometimes, people ask me why I even bother to buy kicks since its obvious I can get them for free. While I truly appreciate the free gifts from everyone, at the heart of it, I'm still a fan. And I like to support things I'm into. There's a certain satisfaction in hunting, looking for and then buying something you really have your eye on. It's the addict in me talking I guess. When you get something for free from someone, it's a different sort of satisfaction. You appreciate what you got but more so, you appreciate the relationship that lies behind the gift. When you go and buy something, it's a satisfaction that is completely innate and carnal…
1. WANT. 2. NEED. 3. ACQUIRE. Never lose sight of what makes you happy.

Well said. I can totally relate.


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