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Touchable From Top to Toe for Valentine’s Day

From bath salts to hair powder and sext dust, all the products you’ll need to be irresistible

Valentine’s Day is an invitation to touch somebody you care about—whether metaphorically or literally. No matter how the day is spent, celebrating it with flowers, cocktails, love notes or something more unconventional—the end game for many is about contact. According to non-toxic beauty subscription service Spa Heroes, the ritual of preparing to touch should be just as fun. Here’s how founder Jeannie Jarnot recommends getting ready, from top to bottom and everything in between.


Pink Love Salts

Skin naturally has increased sensitivity when circulation is boosted. Get your blood pumping without exercise in a stimulating bath laced with Fig + Yarrow’s Pink Love Salts ($32). The pink Himalayan salt soak pours on the love with three serotonin-releasing essential oils—heady ylang ylang, citrusy bergamot and Geranium Bourbon (the most beloved of all the Geranium varietals). If you like the taste of salt lingering on the skin, crystalize the moment by air-drying your body.


Organic Honey Sugar Scrub

Polished, smooth skin is undeniably appealing, and is possible with Om Aroma & Co.’s Organic Honey Sugar Scrub ($45). This edible concoction exfoliates with all-organic Manuka honeyed sugar, leaving a nourishing slick of macadamia and coconut oils made magical with the steamy scent of Italian citrus essential oil—a silky combination that leaves every inch of skin tingling and clean. Available at either of Om Aroma’s two Savor Spa locations in the West Village and Woodstock, New York.


100% Organic Body Oil

Enjoy the results of two indie brands, Seed to Serum and Laurel, collaborating and the pleasure of polished skin finished with luscious oil. This limited edition blend ($88) contains the seductive essences of smoky Palo Santo wood and meditative frankincense with spicy cardamom and vanilla and sandalwood. This small-batch body oil is aromatic alchemy at its best. Available exclusively at Seed to Serum.


Extra-Nourishing Face Formula, Vanilla

Vanilla has a direct aromatic effect on sexual stimulation. Perhaps the Italian maestros behind the up-and-coming farm-to-skin line, Bottega Organica, had this in mind when crafting their extra-nourishing nighttime face balm ($78), enhanced with vanilla. Fingertips will appreciate the decadent olive and apricot oil base, both ingredients which are harvested from their own organic farm in Liguria. Smooth this versatile formula onto eyes, face, lips, hands and even the chest.


Vetiver and Black Pepper Hair Powder

Practically speaking, hair powder is a more basic version of a dry shampoo. But unlike most of their counterparts, it can also be used head to toe to add perfume. It’s so subtle that you need to be close to notice it. Lulu Organics’ seductive Vetiver and Black Pepper Hair Powder ($30) carries just a hint of coriander for sweetness.


Sex Dust

Moon Juice—the Venice, CA-based juice sensation—has a new LA location and online apothecary filled with found and Moon-made delicacies. Among their collection of feel-good nutritional supplements is their Sex Dust ($60), an aphrodisiac powder blend of energizing and stimulating Chinese Herbs, (sex) hormone-regulating Maca and mood-enhancing cacao. The combo is designed to increase blood flow to all the right places.

Images by Josh Rubin


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