Vestment NYC

Step up your couch fashion with these minimal, gender-neutral robes

Usually associated with the Christian religion, vestments are traditionally worn by members of the clergy, but Brooklyn-based label Vestment NYC has taken the name—and the item of clothing—in another direction. Their robes are all black and white, unisex and minimal, but striking. The fabrics vary, depending on the pattern, but each is soft to the touch—obviously important when making loungewear—and while they are loose and made to be comfortable, they are miles away from your marmalade-stained pajamas.

From a ponte de roma (which is light and doesn’t wrinkle easily) to heavier jacquard knits, each robe is made to order in a factory in Brooklyn, and can handle both indoor and outdoor wear. The bold, geometric patterns are the common denominator and will make lounging on the couch watching movie marathons look positively stylish—especially when we start thinking about indoor activities, now that summer is coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere.

A few of the styles have sold out entirely online, but there are plenty still available, and we suggest keeping an eye out for the brand’s next collection. Shop the range online, where prices start at $390.

Images courtesy of Vestment