20 Ltd.

The first online retailer to offer exclusive limited-edition collaborations with a rotating group of hand-picked luxury brands, 20 Ltd. is a new concept both on and offline. Launching 2 April 2007 to the general public, a select few already have access and 20 Ltd. is hooking up Cool Hunting readers with advance acccess here.

Editions of items, like an op-art Pucci rug, an Opus foosball table (pitting good vs. evil with players like Gandhi and Hitler) and a Solange pot leaf-shaped ring, are each limited to different quantities. When they sell out a new product takes its place, with the total number of products available never being more than 20 at any given time. A section on the site called the "Next 20" allows shoppers to view future products.

With a commitment to good design and an aim to create heirloom-quality pieces, co-founder Jolyon Fenwick explains, "we wanted to be a bit like walking into a museum but where you can actually buy the stuff." Using a product-centric model, 20 Ltd. keeps the focus on authenticity, genuine enthusiasm and passion for items "created because someone wanted to create it not just to sell it." Defining a "new luxury, the approach makes for products that avoid trends and flashiness and are available to anyone with an internet connection.