2B Tube Amp Radio


by Laurice Parkin

It's hard to remember not getting music from anywhere but a digital download, but luckily for us, designer Jonas Damon hasn't forgotten the original source. With his newest creation, he's taken sound back to it's old-school analog roots. Debuting earlier this month at ICFF, his 2B Tube Amp Radio is completely transistor free, processing sound through three vacuum tubes. In other words, the tones are warm, resonant and completely free from that pesky digital distortion. I was amazed at the big clean sound that emanated from the simple curved box. Even better is the view from the back of the radio where you can watch the signal being processed in the mini lab.

Whether it's NPR news or KCRW's latest picks, this is way to listen. iPod addicts need not worry, there is a handy auxiliary jack to plug in your favorite mp3 player. The machine's matte black case with soft edges is sure to appeal to design minimalists. Audiophiles will be equally delighted.

Though it's still in prototype stage, distributor Areaware will be bringing the 2B to market soon.