Adobe Creative Cloud + Moleskine Smart Notebook

Easily turn hand-drawn art into fully workable digital files for Illustrator and Photoshop


There’s no notebook more revered than Moleskine, for both its storied history and also its continued simple, effective design. Over the last few years, the brand has released successful collaborations with Evernote and Livescribe, but today marks a new milestone. Moleskine’s latest collaboration happens to be with Adobe, and the resulting Moleskine Smart Notebook and accompanying Creative Cloud app make it easy to turn work on paper—made with any implement of choice—into JPG and SVG files for use in Illustrator and Photoshop.


The companion app, powered by Adobe Creative SDK, reads the page markers at the corner of the notebook. Then, utilizing the iPhone camera, it captures optimized high resolution images and converts them to both JPG and SVG file formats. It’s an entirely uncomplicated way to turn paper creations into vector files—instantly. And, as one would expect, there are tweakable pre-processing settings built in, such a crop, unwarp and perspective alignment for landing exactly what you’re looking at.

Moleskines make drawing on the go easy, and can appease the immediacy of inspiration. But now, the work doesn’t end there. The quick conversion turns the analog to digital, where art can then be polished up and shared. The Smart Notebook from Moleskine is available online for $33, and download the companion app for free from the iTunes app store.

Images courtesy of Moleskine