Apogee Electronics: GiO Controller and Interface

The GiO interface seamlessly links guitars with Macs

gio2.jpg gio5.jpg

The recent history of Apogee finds the digital audio company aligning with Apple to produce Mac-specific hardware emphasizing simplicity and intuitive design. Designed for use with the guitar, the latest addition to the line—an interface and controller dubbed GiO—pairs seamlessly with the latest versions of GarageBand, Logic Studio and Mainstage.

The solid, one-and-a-half-foot board’s biggest selling point is hands-free control. With 12 on-board buttons, it allows you to control up to five software effects pedals, five dynamically-lit transport controls and scroll through all of your presets without lifting a finger.

gio3.jpg gio4.jpg

Having used the device, this reviewer found it effortless in use with no learning curve and it demonstrated the same pitch-perfect sound fidelity that underlies the entire Apogee line. Its single USB wire for both connection and power makes for streamlined functionality and can be piped through your headphones, external monitors or any guitar amplifier.

The GiO costs just under $400 from Apple or select Apogee dealers. Check the Apogee site for their other Mac-based interfaces.