August Smart Lock

Keyless, codeless and completely secure home entry from your phone, designed by Yves Behar


We’ve seen everything from robots that work autonomously to clean your windows, to iPad apps that change your lights’ hue, but the latest home improvement technology to deservingly catch our attention is the August Smart Lock. The most recent project from celebrated designer Yves Béhar, the August Smart Lock’s innovative system means you can ditch those easy to replicate—and lose—keys, and keypad codes, in favor of beautifully designed hardware and a single smartphone app which re-think home security.

August-Smart-Lock-4.jpg August-Smart-Lock-3.jpg

Once installed on the inside of your front door, the August Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolt to allow for both keyless and traditional keyed entry. By using Bluetooth LE, the smartphone app allows you to send virtual keys to any number of people who may need entry. Once access has been granted, you’re free to set a predetermined amount of time the virtual keys will be active and even disable them at a moment’s notice. The app even alerts you to when your guest has arrived and when they’ve left.


While we appreciate how easy August will make giving others access to your house, we see the real benefit coming from its day-to-day usability. August will automatically unlock without requiring you or your guest to remove your phone from your pocket. And after you’ve entered, August auto-locks behind you. We’re looking forward to the time this simple task will save you on those rushed mornings where just a few seconds mean the world of difference.


The August Smart Lock is now available for preorder online. For a closer look at the capabilities of August, see the clever short video.

Images courtesy of August Smart Lock