Barbie Video Girl Doll

Barbie takes on the 21st Century with a new built-in video camera


Ever the modern woman, Barbie now offers kids a first-person perspective with a built-in video camera. The Barbie Video Girl features a camera lens in the (standard size) doll’s front and a color LCD video screen on her back for an all-in-one shooting and screening experience.

In keeping with their fifty-year-long history of encouraging girls to imagine themselves in a multitude of career roles—from a 1962 astronaut to a computer engineer most recently—this new toy actually gives aspiring kids a tool to help realize their dreams. Video camera Barbie integrates the educational element into the doll, which comes with online editing software affording girls the hands-on chance to create and assemble their own movies.

The camera records up to 30 minutes of footage, while the software allows for adding music, visual and other sound effects. Barbie Video Girl will be available July 2010 for $50 from Mattel.