Baselworld 2014: GPS Driven Watches

Three new releases tapping satellites for precise global timekeeping

Regardless of where you are in the world—be it an unexpected adventure or a quick layover—GPS watches can be a huge help; naming your location and automatically adjusting the time on your wrist. By coordinating your location based on multiple satellite signals, these three watches seen at Baselworld 2014, allow for accurate timekeeping across the globe. In addition to their superior functionality, they’re also beautifully designed across three unique styles.



This 2014 flagship model from Citizen claims the fastest satellite signal reception anywhere on the planet. In fact, the whole watch is about speed. The hand movements adjust quicker than previous models, after just a three-second connection with Citizen’s satellites in orbit. It also happens to be the world’s thinnest light-powered, satellite-synchronized watch at 12.4mm. The case and strap are titanium, making it lightweight. On top of it all, the sleek design commits to the idea of timeliness. It’s sharp, beautiful and classy—not to mention, Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology means this timepiece is powered by the sun. Available at the end of October 2014, this watch will retail for $2,000.

BaselworldGPSSeiko1.jpg BaselworldGPSSeiko2.jpg
Seiko Astron GPS Solar Chronograph

The latest in Seiko‘s Astron line features a new second-generation Seiko GPS Solar caliber 8X82, an additional caliber not a replacement—granting both new functions and a change in the watch design. With atomic clock precision, using just light as a power supply, the Solar Chronograph connects to GPS and accurately displays time from every zone on the planet—with the push of one button. This watch also features an easy-to-operate, six-hour chronograph. Being 30% smaller than the previous version, it’s also a delight to travel with. The SSE001 version (in titanium) will sell for approximately $4,600, in an edition limited to 7000 pieces. It will be available in September 2014.


Casio’s G-Shock: GPW100

G-Shock’s anti-shock technology offers substantial benefits that many are familiar with. And, with that as a starting point, the brand’s latest debut—the GPW100 (dubbed the GPS HYBRID WAVE CEPTOR) goes above and beyond with its solar-powered system and multi-band, six radio signal reception capability, which delivers incredibly accurate global positioning and timekeeping. The watch is a hybrid; integrating elements from both a radio-controlled watch (delivering more reliable signal reception) and a GPS watch (with wider area coverage), usually two exclusive elements that have been united. Upon receiving a transmission, the second hand indicates the current time and a corresponding city name for the time zone you are in. Its design, attune with others from G-Shock, reflects externally the durability of its insides. This watch will retail for $950 this fall.

Additional reporting by Evan Orensten, images courtesy of respective brands