Belkin Play Max

A new wireless router designed for torrent-heads

Belkin_playmax.jpg PlayMax_Router_Back.jpg

After checking out the new collection of user-friendly routers from Belkin this morning, the model most after our own hearts is the top-of-the-line Play Max, a dual-band device that makes both experiencing and downloading large media files easier. Their Video Max HD technology takes advantage of the simultaneous networks that the Play Max creates, upping both performance and speed when watching HD movies and the like.

Torrent_Genie.jpg VideoMaxHD.jpg

A series of software turns the router into a system for managing incoming media, using an app called Bit Boost to prioritize how it handles different types, for example. But those who regularly leave files downloading overnight will especially love Torrent Genie, a feature that will continue downloads to a hard drive without a computer.

Other fun features introduced with the new line, and included in this model, range from automatic backups, wireless printing, and music streaming to enabled devices like PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s.

Due out this April, the Play Max will sell directly from Belkin for $130.