Boddie Smartwatch

Polish start-up Rearden Technology launches a social media solution via crowd-funding site Indiegogo


As we continue to grow more and more attached to technology, the weight of social relationships and ever-connectedness builds with it. While we all seem to subconsciously know the downside of this lopsided relationship, few of us do anything to address it. But Polish start-up Rearden Technology aims to, with the Boddie Smartwatch, launching today through crowd-funding site Indiegogo. The slender device wirelessly tethers to your phone so you can leave it at home to give access to music, texts, phone, email, calendars and social media while also offering a balance with the ability to disconnect entirely, rendering the smartwatch just a watch.


While we aren’t entirely head over heels for the physical design we are captivated by the Boddie’s abilities, centered in gesture control. On top of the capabilities mentioned above the smartwatch allows its user to answer or decline phone calls, remotely control their phone’s camera shutter, capture important biometrics like calories burned and distance walked with iOS and Android apps and, most cleverly, connect to both Mac and PC products to handle presentation controls. And again, all of this can be effectively muted to free the user of technological responsibilities.

Lastly, the Boddie can remotely lock your phone and locate it if it’s stolen or misplaced. Visit Rearden Technology and to help fund the Boddie Smartwatch check their just-launched Indiegogo campaign. Assuming funding is successful, Rearden expects the smartwatch to hit production lines towards the end of 2013, with delivery scheduled for March 2014.

Images courtesy of Rearden Technology