.klatz Smartwatch and Handset

A stylish wrist accessory rethinking the form and functions of wearable tech

While fashion often takes a backseat to function, or vice versa, in wearable tech, Ukraine’s .klatz is hoping to change that with their smartwatch and handset. They’ve revisited the bracelet form, but unlike Nike’s FuelBand, this accessory is style-forward and manages to pack sophisticated features. In fact, it goes so far as to receive calls, which you answer by popping the hinged bracelet open. While banking on the fashion angle might seem a bit gimmicky, the fact of the matter is: it’s time to start rethinking the form of smartwatches.


.klatz’s large LED indicator screen may not seem as advanced as the Apple Watch‘s vibrant display, but there are 384 LED lights within the offering—allowing for customization of notifications. As far as those notifications go, the watch receives SMS and email alerts—allowing users to review the entire message. Music control, from swiping forward through tracks or adjusting volume is also featured. The bracelet also indicates incoming phone calls. In addition to the text-based lights, the device also vibrates. As for other functionality, the smartwatch offers a calorie tracker and mileage counter.


Perhaps most appealing, the device claims long lasting battery life, through the battery size and energy efficiency—with seven to 10 days guaranteed in normal mode and a month in standby. The charging unit also props the bracelet horizontally and keeps the watch feature active.

.klatz is will support devices including iPhone 4S and above, Android 4.1 and above, Windows Phone 8.1 and BlackBerry OS 10. The bracelet comes in multiple color options, across four sizes, and is crafted from lightweight, scratch-resistant aluminum and special scratch-resistant plastic.

You can back the .kltaz smartwatch and handset on indiegogo, and get a device at the early bird price of $99.

Images courtesy of .kltaz