Breath Ultrasonic Humidifier

A sleek, well-designed humidifier that detects room climates and automatically adjusts to create the ideal atmosphere


Like most seasonal and sporadically used home appliances, the humidifier is hardly something for showing off when not in use unless you’ve invested in one of Japan’s streamlined designs like the Middle Colors or Plus Minus Zero. Hitting the US market earlier this fall is Breath, Roolen’s smart, stout, ultrasonic humidifier that’s as elegant as an iMac and as easy to use as an iPhone. A single button is responsible for all commands, which means switching between the three modes—high, low and auto—is a snap. While the overall elegant aesthetic is enough to deserve a single mention, the Breath’s ease of use and the efficiency with which it works completes the package. After some extensive at-home testing we’re most pleased with the auto mode, which detects humidity levels in the room and automatically adjusts output to achieve a perfect balance, while emitting a cool mist in a nice, effective consistency.

With a 3.15L water capacity, Breath is capable of running 24 hours on low, 12 hours on high and over 24 hours on auto, making it easy to keep your home just the way you want it—even when away. Available in black and white colorways from Amazon for $130, visit Roolen online for more information.