CAKEWALK Fitness App

A snarky step-counter that isn't afraid to call you out for being lazy

No matter how intuitive, well-designed or smart your favorite fitness app might be, it’s useless if you don’t actually get out of bed and into the gym. A humorous new app, called CAKEWALK, has found a way to bypass this problem by nagging and shaming you until you get moving. Upon download, CAKEWALK connects with the Health Kit app on your iPhone to determine what your average step count is. From there, it will formulate a daily goal and challenge you to meet it. If you fail to hit at least 50% of that goal, CAKEWALK will publicly shame you on Twitter, roasting you with lines like, “I’ve seen plastic bags that have moved more than the 500 steps you took” or “How about less Netflix and chill and more ‘Netflix and Chill’?”—a surprisingly effective tactic.

Look for CAKEWALK on the iTunes Store, where it’s available for free download.

Images by Cool Hunting via CAKEWALK