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The Thousands City Guides

Get the lowdown Down Under with a city guide app from Aussie indie publishers


A handy guide to Australia’s major metropolises for visitors and residents alike, The Thousands’ new iPhone App covers each location’s most enticing shops, restaurants, exhibitions, gigs and more. Created by Melbourne-based Right Angle Studio—who are also behind the arts-and-culture sites
The Thousands
, named for Australia’s state postcodes—the City Guides app keeps your finger on the pulse of cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.


Browsing is easy—simply choose your city, select what you’d like to do and scroll through a daily-updated and quality-controlled list of the best places to see and be in each locale. The app also features a “Near Me” GPS-enabled function to show you what’s going on close by, as well as a “Must See” function for tourists with limited time or residents who like to keep in the know. Download it now for free from iTunes.


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