Gogo City Guides

Insider tips for where to go on either side of the Channel


Anyone landing in London Town this week for all of the Frieze festivities will want to pick up or download a copy of the latest Gogo city guide—an essential travel companion for those who like to stay in the know and off the beaten path. Originally launched as a biannual guidebook for Paris in 2010, Gogo is now available in print and as a convenient iPhone app for both the City of Lights and London, with plans underway for additional cities.

gogo-lon.jpg gogo-paris.jpg

Gogo does an excellent job of keeping the sustainably printed publications up to date, but for the ultimate lowdown on each city’s current crop of unmissable places the iPhone app is key. Packed with more than 500 reviews, both the analog and digital versions are divided up by area first, followed by requisite categories spanning arts and culture, eating, shopping and partying. Each neighborhood is also outlined by hip “hangout” tips from a local—London includes people like Dazed and Confused’s Visual Arts Editor Francesca Gavin, fashion publicist Mandi Lennard and Orlando Higginbottom, better known as the fantastic producer TEED.

gogo-paris10.jpg gogo-lon10.jpg

With so much information on tap, Gogo wisely included an intuitive index at the back of the guides, where you can look things up like oysters, terraces, concept shops, grungy spots or locations to take in the view. The iPhone app one-ups this with fully searchable text and a fast tag system to easily mark your personal favorites.

Edgier than Time Out and just as up-to-date, Gogo is a valuable tool for any creative traveler. Pick up a paperback guide from stockists in cities around the world for around $20 each, or download the continuously-updated app for $5 from iTunes.