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Color Flash Holga


The Color Flash Holga, quietly released in late 2004, is the latest plastic wonder from the Lomographic Society International. Art schoolers and adventurous amateurs have long enjoyed Holga's beautiful and unpredictable results: vignetting, soft focus, and light leaks. The new model is a natural evolution of this primitive classic, boasting only one additional (but fantastic) feature– the "Color Flash Wheel."

Now photographers can use built-in color gels to add primary hues (red, yellow, and blue) to the Holga's flash. When used with the camera's slow shutter exposure, the result is what its makers describe as "a beautiful dual-effect image with a crisp, flashed foreground and a streaked, natural-light background." Everything else about this minimal and inexpensive camera remains the same as its predecessor; it still uses medium-format 120 film that produces trademark square prints, spilling with gorgeous ambient light. View some wonderful examples of the Color Flash Holga's capabilities after the jump.





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