Critteroos: Mix. Match. Print.

Animals roar to life in an educational app designed for kids

Critteroos-App3.jpg Critteroos-App4.jpg

A new app for iPads or iPhones, Critteroos brings stock images of animals to life in an interactive game for kids (aged three-eight). The brainchild of renowned designer Clement Mok, Critteroos is the first in an imaginative series of iPad education software for children that draws on the CMCD Visual Symbols library.

Backed by a consistent beat of insect hums, the app erupts in an attention-grabbing cacophony of real animal sounds, including the occasional whinny of a horse, snort of a pig and bird’s chirp. While the sounds entertain, children delight over the app’s vibrant animal imagery. In “Flashcard” mode, each image is paired with the animal’s name, which is recited aloud for vocabulary building.


As memory develops, users can switch from the primarily educational “Flashcard” mode to test their skills in “Mix and Match.” Flipping through animals’ top and bottom halves, kids can rack up points by finding the corresponding half, tapping twice on the screen to confirm a match. An encouraging ding sound accompanies each correct pair.

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For pure fun, kids can let their imaginations run free by creating their own “Critteroos” (mismatched animals). These humorous and dazzling animals can be given fun names (like the Rooztera) and saved to the iPhoto library for printing.

Critteroos sells for $2 on iTunes, as well as other related education applications and add-ons (like Critteroos II for additional animal sets) by CMCD.