Create your own abstract patterns with the swipe of a finger


You may never tire of turning on your iOS device to find a picture of your adorable puppy staring back at you, but if you’re interested in creating a less loquacious background try the new app, Deko. Programmed by designers Jaakko Tuomivaara and Johan Halin, whose experimental music app, Kontrol, was included in the MoMA exhibition “Talk To Me,” Deko moves into the visual realm with software that allows you to create unique abstract images, wallpaper and patterns that can be used on your phone and beyond.

deko1.jpg deko2.jpg

Deko is compatible with multiple generations of both the iPhone and iPad, where you can easily swipe your finger around the screen to create original graphics that can serve as everything from album covers to screensavers. You can also smartly export the designs to use in other applications, potentially turning digital wallpaper into physical decor.

The creative app is available for free from iTunes, where you can also check out more of the duo’s apps such as Kontrol, Circlo and Intergalactic FM.