Radius Ergonomic Garden Tools


Serious green thumbs know that hours spent gardening can lead to incredible stress on hands and wrists, a strain Radius Garden helps decrease with their advanced ergonomic garden tools.

The patent-pending curved Natural Radius Grip encourages large muscles to align along the radius bone, directing strength downward and putting the wrist in a neutral position which maximizes the user's power.

An ideal tool for those suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome, the ergonomic designs also weigh less and feature larger handles that cut down on the need to squeeze. The NRG comes in a trowel model, a longer transplanter, a jagged-edged weeder and a three-pronged cultivator, all at $10 a pop.


For other garden tasks too, from digging to raking, Radius incorporates high-tech materials and clever design to minimize strain and increase efficiency. A series of long-handled tools, with either o-shaped or paddle grips, use carbon steel and fiberglass shafts to make digging easier. Whether raking pond muck or leaves, the Pond and Garden Sharks' round heads scoop up twice the debris as their flat head competitors. And, those with bad backs will appreciate the jaws of the Gator Grabber for picking up everything from leaves to logs.

Most of the Radius line sells online or check their site for a list of store locations.