Float Reader

Scribd's new app that will change the way you read on your phone


Scribd, the document sharing site, today released the Float Reader, an app which intends to streamline the way we view news on our smartphones. Float collects content from over 150 publishers (including CH), laying them out in a user-friendly interface.

Technologically, the app is very advanced and it shows in the design. Ten reading options for various circumstances allow users the most comfortable reading experience available on the iPhone. Instead of zooming into text and having it come up slightly blurred, Float actually re-renders the text in a larger or smaller resolution. Float also allows users to cache select stories onto their phone to allow access without internet, and if you start reading a story before losing service, Float will have cached the rest of that article to allow you to continue.

float-ch.jpg float-ch2.jpg

The app will also display Facebook and Twitter feeds, but will only show postings which contain links, keeping manageable and interesting. It is currently only available for iPhone, but iPad and Android versions are in development. Check out the web app here.