China-Based BGI Aims to Extend Life to a Minimum of 99 Years

For China-based BGI, the secret to living longer and healthier lies in interpreting our genetic sequences (a notion that’s often met with privacy concerns). Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet, tapping into our DNA to determine which diseases or ailments we’re susceptible to may prolong life 20+ years above the international average, which hovers around 71. The genetics giant (along with plenty of foreign partners) is working to be the most all-encompassing DNA testing organization. Thus, they manufacture DNA sequencers and sell them for 25% of the usual cost, run the ones inside their labs almost 24/7 with samples from current staffers, and research the subsequent data to inform the general public, thus increasing the demand for the technology and their business. It seems that testing our DNA could become as routine as yearly check-ups and vaccines. Read more at Bloomberg.