Glitch Wizard Photo Editing App

Turn crisp images into dynamic, noise-ridden pieces of art

Glitch Wizard Gif (1).gif Glitch Wizard Gif.gif

There’s just something so appealing about glitch art in our world of ever-improving technology. While in the years past we’ve been intrigued with image-altering apps such as Decim8 and DScan, we’re currently nerding out on Glitch Wizard. The simple iOS app lets users turn ordinary images (taken inside the app or imported) into noise-heavy images ripe with rainbows and extreme pixelation of the likes one might find on a corrupt SD card. Output from the app comes in both static JPEG and dynamic GIF versions, with the option of sharing internally for all Glitch Wizard users and of course across all your favorite social media platforms. We recently took time to play with the app while visiting the Sol LeWitt permanent installation at MASS MoCA, and found it to be well worth its 99c price tag—though we have to admit a few unfortunate (ironic even?) glitches make the user experience slightly rough at times.

Visit Glitch Wizard online to watch a hilarious instructional video and iTunes to down the iOS app for just under a dollar.

Via Creative Applications. Images by Josh Rubin