Griffin BlueTrip Giveway Winners


In our recent post on the Griffin BlueTrip we asked readers to regale us with their most memorable experience of dancing by themselves. There were a lot of great entries, some hilarious, some cringe-worthy. Here are some highlights from our two favorites:

"One night, after a heavy coffee/sleeping pill combo, I apparently woke up, and hallucinating, did my best rendition of La Boheme – complete with whatever ballet I could remember from elementary school. In the bathroom. With the frogs on my shower curtain as my audience. (Apparently I swore they'd called for an encore..)"

"I made my way up to the bed and started to dance like Britney Spears and her giant snake on the 2002 VMAs, trying to sing “Se a vida é†by the Pet Shop Boys which can be a very difficult task when you have a mouthful of prunes. So, the lesson here is, that distracting yourself by dancing, eating, or something calms depression, dried prunes relieves constipation and remembering those embarrassing moments can get you some neat iPod accessories."

Both dancers will receive a Griffin Bluetrip Wireless Bluetooth Receiver.