Griffin Clarifi: Macro Lens for the iPhone


For those either stuck with ridiculous two-year AT&T contracts or just not ready to leap on the 3G S bandwagon for whatever reason, there are ways to make your old (aka "year old") 3G a little more S, starting with the Clarifi from Griffin. By adding another lens to the 3G's camera, Griffin overcomes the lack of a "macro" mode and enables shooting images at close range.

If you're like me and you photograph magazine and newspaper articles and save them in Evernote for later reference, you already understand the genius of the Clarifi. Producing crisp, clear images in detailed close-up, the applications are endless.

Built into a case, the lens slides easily over the camera when for use and out of the way for regular snapshots. Naturally, I've experienced minor problems with lint collecting on the lens from bags and pockets, but it's better than nothing and, honestly, almost indispensable. While I'm someone who hates adding bulk to the sleek iPhone, I haven't taken this case off since I got it.

The Clarifi is available online from Griffin (on sale, thanks to the 3G S no doubt) for $31.