Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand


With little more than a simple u-shape design, Griffin's Elevator solves a few different problems and offers a few added benefits for laptop users. The device is so handy in fact, that a certain founding editor appropriated the sample from my desk while I was out of town. Now nearly every desk at CH HQ has one and we're all the happier (and maybe even more productive) for it.

The biggest and most obvious advantage to the Elevator is the ergonomic benefit of raising the screen 5.5 inches to eye level, making it more functional on its own and better for use with external displays. It also makes plugging and unplugging cables a less frustrating process and allows air to circulate around and cool the computer.

Practicality aside, the acrylic and aluminum materials are a perfect match for silver Macs and unobtrusive enough to work with most any other setup. A sturdy design, using non-slip foam grips on the top arms, means your laptop is safe. Pick one up for $40 from Griffin.