Hello Kitty Solid Gold Playing Cards


by Brian Ashcraft

If nothing says luxe like gold playing cards, then nothing says WTF like gold Hello Kitty playing cards. Starting 3 October 2007, Sanrio will start selling solid gold Hello Kitty trumps in honor of Kitty's 33rd anniversary. Each 99.99 percent gold card in the deck of 54 is sealed in a protective laminate, measures at 58 x 89 mm and is pressed to a thickness of seven microns thanks to Mitsubishi Materials Corp.'s precision rolling tech. Talk about thin!

The cards feature Kitty-chan (as she's known in Japan) in various states of royal wear. The reverse of the cards shows the cat character against a Union Jack and an apple. Hello Kitty was born in London and is said to be three apples heavy and five apples tall. The deck lists for ¥567,000 ($4,900). How about them apples.

via Pink Tentacle