HTC Touch Diamond

This morning in London, mobile phone manufacturer HTC unveiled the Touch Diamond, a new Windows Mobile Device that looks great! Yes, I did just say "Windows Mobile" and "great" in the same sentence. Focusing on delivering a killer experience, the device features a highly customized version of Windows Mobile called TouchFLO 3D. All the most important functions are accessible from the home screen using a simple gesture based touch interface; the graphics and animation are gorgeous. While the faceted physical design is innovative, its little nuances, like turning the phone over to silence an incoming call, that make this a device worth noting. As Horace Luke, Chief Innovation Officer, noted, "We think about touch including the full movement of the device, not just a tap on the screen."

The sexy and full-featured device will be available in Europe and Asia this June and the rest of the world later in the year.

Check out the launch announcement video below and the User Interface demo video after the jump.

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