Jeremie Quidu’s Virtual Sound Bath Through Patented IRIS Tech

The Ibiza-based healer will guide listeners through a brain exercise made possible by sonic innovations

Starting this Saturday, 11 April, IRIS will host a virtual sound bath led by Ibiza-based sound-healer Jeremie Quidu. With the aim to influence viewers physically, the sound bath will employ “patented IRIS technology to bring audiences into a heightened live state, engaging the mind and body in this immersive experience,” a statement from the audio brand says.

Streamable through the IRIS webplayer or iOS app, the sound stimulates the brain, compelling it to comprehend a complex stream of frequencies—exercising it in the process. A proprietary algorithm divides the transmission and amplifies the information sent to a listener’s brain. The brain is tasked with reassembling this information, lulling listeners into a meditative state while the mind works double-time to actively “listen.” The audio comprises the subtle roar of crystal bowls and the vibrations of a gong—the two components utilized in sound baths.

Because these therapies (in their traditional form) require the real-life sonic waves of the bowls to trigger the collective response, no virtual stream has offered what IRIS aims to provide. Plus, given that this session is led by a renowned healer, this opportunity presents itself as a unique moment for relief amidst unprecedented circumstances.

Tune to IRIS online or their iOS app from 11 April to stream the exclusive session.

Images courtesy of IRIS