X-Mini Capsule Speakers

Collapsible speakers pack hi-fi sound in an ultra-portable body


Many portable speakers do little more in the way of design modifications than shrink a full-size speaker to a smaller, tinny version. The ultra-portable X-Mini Capsule Speaker, while still tiny, adds an expandable woofer that boasts immense sound for its size. Twisting the speaker opens an accordion-like patented bass enhancement to create even bigger resonance. A Red Dot award-winner, the speakers plug into laptops, mobile phones, gaming devices, and even link to each other for an on-the-go surround sound solution.

We’ve been using an X-Mini at CH headquarters and at presentations, and it’s impressed us all with its booming sound. For an all-in-one device, the newest addition to the range, Happy, features a built-in SD/SDHC card slot so that you can play music on it.

Rechargable through a USB cable, the super-useful range of five X-Mini speakers sell online for $20-80, depending on type.