A table and Airplay-enabled sound system in one


Combining precision German engineering with beautiful Finnish design from their offices in Berlin and Helsinki, multinational studio Mela & Vanamo debuts with the stunning Kaikuuu01 table sound system. Designers Teemu Kurkela, Martti Mela and Päivi Meuronen created the Airplay compatible table with integrated speakers and radio, all encased in a spare, unassuming design.


Constructed of Canadian maple by a specialized cabinetmaker in Berlin, the glass-topped table relies on an audio exciter pressed against the underside of the glass surface that effectively turns it into a loudspeaker—a technique Mela says is commonly used in showroom windows and sound art installations. The boxed wood frame both acts as a natural soundboard to amplify low frequency tones and keeps the electronic innards out of sight. The glass plain rests on a dampening cushion that eliminates the transfer of sound and vibrations to other objects placed on the table.


The Kaikuuu01 is controlled by an Apple Airplay-compatible device within the structure, and powered by an AC cord that runs out of sight through one leg. For more information on the acoustic table and pricing—which can be constructed in any requested size—contact Mela & Vanamo directly. The designers also have a headboard, light and alarm clock in the works.