Keepit Clean

A specialized, all-in-one system for Macs


CH tested, Keepit Clean from Tech Link is a handy all-in-one system for cleaning Macs and Macbooks . Among the mountain of Apple-centric accessories on the market today, Keepit Clean distinguishes itself for being incredibly compact and useful. Until now, we had been using the same microfiber cloths and air dusters that cropped up with early PCs, but Keepit Clean provides an example of good design and practical solutions working together.

On both the screen and keyboard cleaner, the system uses sensitive sponges and anti-bacterial solutions to scrub out dingy spots without harming the components. For detail work, pop-up anti-static brushes get at nooks and crannies between keys and vents.


While we can picture the screen cleaner transferring over to PCs without issue, the keyboard system features molded teeth that are custom-fitted to the dimensions of a Mac keyboard—a deal-sealer that’s well worth the specialization.

Keepit Clean is available from Apple for $50.

Images by James Thorne