KiiTAG 2 Ultimate Phone Accessory

A car key fob-sized device with built-in phone charger, USB drive, remote camera shutter and more


Though comical in hindsight, the helpless feeling many encounter when their phone dies while away from home can be crippling. Same goes for when trapped in a conversation you’d rather not be having. With solutions to these two situations, and many more, the KiiTAG 2 is the latest tech concept on Kickstarter to catch our eye. An update on the original KiiTAG item finder from mobile accessories brand Life n Soul, the multi-purpose device—billed as a digital Swiss Army Knife—is available for both iPhone and Android and is roughly the size of a car key fob, with a handful of impressive features. Highlights from the long list include a power adaptor (boasting two hours of charge), USB flash drive for storing media content, flashlight, bluetooth key-finder and two programmable buttons that can be set to do a number of things; from faking a phone call or sending text messages to acting as a remote camera trigger for taking pictures.


If the impressive little device does as much as it claims, it could seriously give battery pack brands like Mophie a reason to rethink their single-function strategy. Visit the KiiTAG 2 Kickstarter where $40 secures an early release of the product.

Images courtesy of Life n Soul