Motorola’s Rollable Phone

Motorola has shared their rollable phone concept, an out-of-the-box and clever idea that features a touchscreen that rolls down to wrap around the bottom and back of the device. This allows the phone to essentially change in size, as when it wraps around the back the display is smaller and when it unwraps, the phone elongates vertically. The proof-of-concept can roll by manually double-pressing the side button, or it does so automatically when using certain apps. Watching a YouTube video and turning the phone horizontally, for instance, will trigger the phone to roll upward. In addition, the display at the back of the phone, when the screen is rolled down, enables different types of use. While taking photos with the back camera, it acts as a handy viewfinder. Learn more at CNET.

Image courtesy of Andrew Lanxon/CNET