Color-coded shopping results in an iOS app


LuxeFinds, the online luxury shopping engine for women, has produced a mobile shopping app that searches the web for lifestyle goods based on color. By taking a picture of an article of clothing or selecting a color from a color wheel, shoppers can find an exact match from LuxeFinds’ massive database. The app, which launched today, aims to help shoppers match clothing to their current wardrobe and fix the common problem of inaccurate colors that tend to crop up with online shopping.

While husband-and-wife team Phyllis and Philip Cheung founded LuxeFinds as a site for women, their app caters to men and children as well with results for clothing, cosmetics and fragrances. Colors can be selected by taking a photograph, or by using LuxeFinds’ color wheel and swatch selector. From there, the app returns a curated selection of items matching the selected color. Shoppers can buy, save or push the items to a number of social channels.

While color-based search options exist across the web, we appreciate the strategic application to styled shopping. The uncluttered interface is easy to use, and LuxeFinds does a spot-on job of curating the mess of items online, presenting users with a kind of color-coded luxury megastore.

The LuxeFinds “Ultimate Color Shopping Engine” is available for free through the iTunes App Store.