Make Noise

The UK's newest electronic music tour that's worth shouting about


A brilliant new initiative that’s as exciting as it sounds, Make Noise aims to raise awareness about the importance of recycling electronics by supplying the UK with a host of free club nights around the nation this November. The project is the brainchild of Heavenly Recordings and European Recycling Platform, who together tapped DJ and Radio 1 host Benji B to take the tour from Belfast to Bristol, Leeds, Glasgow and London. In return for free admission Make Noise asks gig-goers to turn in any worn out electronics, from broken printers to dead batteries to your now outdated iPhone 4.

In addition to taking care of the environment by reducing e-waste, those who donate at each stop will also be helping out a local recording studio. For every electronic item turned in, ERP will give £5 to a studio toward the purchase of new audio equipment. While Make Noise focuses on the physical act of recycling, there will also be a “virtual recycling bin” dubbed Recycled Versions, where budding musicians can access and use loops, basslines, samples and vocals that have been donated by some of electronic music’s top talent.

As the world becomes increasingly dependent upon electronics at an uncommonly fast pace that regularly renders gadgets obsolete, recycling these items is of the utmost importance for properly managing hazardous materials. Make Noise shows how recycling electronics can be as fun as using them.