Meridian Explorer

Convert digital files to analog sound with this nifty device


When it comes to process, few audio companies can match Meridian‘s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Their latest release is Explorer, a DAC (Digital to Audio Converter) that refigures your digital audio files and outputs them as analog sound. Essentially, the device replaces your computer’s sound card to pump out 24-bit resolution and 192kHz sampling. Roughly the size of a thumb drive, the unassuming accessory may well be the missing link between digital convenience and audiophile analog sound.

Made from a combination of digital and analog components, the circuit board is painstakingly configured in the company’s headquarters in Cambridgeshire, England. The piece plugs into your computer’s USB drive and can convert sound for digital or analog outputs, whether you’re listening to headphones or through a home system.

Find out more about the Meridian Explorer online where it sells for $299.

Image courtesy of Meridian Explorer