Enhancing Mobile Photography with the Moment Case

The Seattle mobile phone lens-maker launches a second Kickstarter for a smart shutter button integrated case

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Moment Case lead.jpg

Designed to elevate the mobile photography experience to a more professional level, Moment launched with a two-piece lens system on Kickstarter in January 2014, pulling in nearly $500,000 and over nine times their goal. But while their lenses have undoubtedly upped the ante for many photographers, their stand-alone camera app was less inspired. To create a single cohesive platform, today marks the crowd-funding launch of the Moment Case for iPhone 6, complete with a DSLR-like, multi-state shutter button, an industrial strength lens mount compatible with both previously released wide-angle and tele lenses, and a camera strap attachment.


At first glance, the design is handsome, and quite useful too. It recognizes when a lens is attached, seamlessly queuing up a new-and-improved version Moment App, which allows users to utilize the touch-screen to designate exposure levels while simultaneously using the physical shutter button (at half-press) to lock in focus. This unique combination is a foreign, but exciting experience for mobile photographers who like to have extra control over their image settings.

Though initial doubts arose that the case may favor vertical style shooting—the position most hold naturally their phone in—founder Marc Barros swiftly assured us the design works with both horizontal and vertical shooting positions. “The location of the shutter button when in vertical mode is placed right where your thumb is, so it’s easy to point and shoot,” Barros says. “We’ve been showing horizontal with Kickstarter because the half-press and touch the screen experience is mind-blowing. It brings the best of a traditional camera (half/full press) and fingers (touch and sliding)—press and touch introduces an entirely new way to shoot.”


“The ergonomics of the case were our biggest design challenge because in mobile people shoot vertical/horizontal, inside/outside, with/without gloves on, and use one/two hands. We also wanted to keep the case as thin as possible so it can fit in your pocket as an everyday case.” As such, the slender case is sleek enough to be left on your phone without hindering pocket-ability or detracting significantly from the iPhone’s aesthetics. And with industrial strength lens mount, lenses can be left secured without any cause for worry. The camera strap mounts further encourage users to treat their iPhone like a conventional camera.


Visit the Moment Case Kickstarter to back the project and secure a case for just $49, or if you’re new to the Moment movement, a pledge of $199 is worth a new Moment Case and two lenses. For a closer look at the design and iteration process, see the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Moment